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Vavei Designer is a software application for visualization of KNX systems in intelligent buildings, which was created by world standard for the building automation. The KNX certified partners can in a very simple and effective way visualize their projects and manage the installation of smart home from a central place. For modern graphic design visualization skills are not necessary, because all components are defined and they can be adapted to each project and the customer needs. The customer have a excellent building-overview and they can can with a little training, intuitive and simply use the vaveiSystem. vavei is the first application in the area of visualization, it is created in Microsoft. NET technologies (WPF and WCF).

Vavei Is More Than A Brand, It’s A Powerful Design Tool

Vavei Components

All kind of devices, touch-screen, PC, lap top, tablet, mobile phone.

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Modules of Vavei client

Is a system for managing KNX installations, which is characterized by simplicity of use and modern design.

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